Armor Grid: Terrain Pack now available

Armor Grid Games and Miniatures have released a cardstock terrain set for their Armor Grid sci-fi miniatures and game.

Armor Grid: Terrain Pack

From their announcement:

Now available at Armor Grid: Terrain Pack

This expansion contains 15mm scale terrain and expanded terrain rules for use with Armor Grid: Mech Attack!
This set includes:

  • Expanded Terrain Rules including: Revised Line of Sight rules and new terrain features
  • 25mm tall Buildings that stack to form multistory structures
  • Building Ruins for destructible buildings
  • Hills and Bodies of Water in both simple shapes and modular pieces that can be arranged into larger terrain pieces
  • Low Walls that can be chained together for any length of wall
  • Smoke Markers
  • Forest Terrain Pieces

Please check out or for more information.