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Armor Grid Games and Miniatures releases new Motor Pool - Battle Colors set

Armor Grid Games and Miniatures has a new Motor Pool - Battle Colors set available over in the Wargame Vault.

From the release:

Armor Grid Games and Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of "Armor Grid: Motor Pool - Battle Colors"! Print and Play 15mm Scale Vehicle Miniatures for use with "Armor Grid: Mech Attack!" or any Sci-fi Wargame.

This set includes:
* Light, Medium, and Heavy Vehicle Sizes- Each with two different body styles.
* Three different movement types for each vehicle class including: Wheels, Tracks, and Hover Platforms.
* Four Standard Colors Options including: Blue, Green, Gray, and Tan.
* Twenty-two different weapon and equipment options.
* Unified weapon slot sizing allowing interchanging weapons between the different Mech sizes.
* New Multi-slot Turrents and Weapon Mounts to allow equiping multiple weapons in different configurations.
* Four Bonus Colors including: Black, Red, Green & Tan, and Uncolored.

These miniatures match the scale of the original Armor Grid: Mech Attack! miniatures, so they can easily fight side by side with your current army!

All Armor Grid Miniatures are rendered in 300dpi for high quality printing. Designed with complete front and back images to more closely represent more traditional gaming miniatures, these miniatures are provided with easy to follow directions and multiple basing options.