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Armor Grid: Air Brigade paper miniatures Now Available

Armor Grid Games released their new Air Brigade paper miniatures. They're available for download now.


From the release:

Now available from Armor Grid Games and Miniatures: "Armor Grid: Air Brigade - Battle Colors"!

Print and Play 15mm Scale Aircraft
Miniatures for use with "Armor Grid: Mech Attack!" or any Sci-fi Wargame.

This set includes:
* Three types of Aircraft including: VTOL Fighter, Rotary Wing Gunship, and Tilt Rotor Cargo Aircraft.
* All model parts are interchangeable between each of the different Aircraft types.
* Wings can be rotated 180° for either forward or backward swept wings.
* Four Standard Colors Options including: Blue, Green, Gray, and Tan.
* Twenty-two different weapon and equipment options designed specifically for Aircraft.
* Flight Bases and Optional Rotor Whorl Effects.
* Four Bonus Colors including: Black, Red, Green & Tan, and Uncolored.
* Easy to follow assembly instructions.

For just $3.95US you can dominate the battlefield with aerial supremacy limited only by your paper and ink supply!