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Armies of Late War Deals for Flames of War From Battlefront

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, during war, there's a lot of necessity to make better weapons than the opponents. It's sort of a life-or-death type of thing. As such, the gear that the warring factions were using at the start of WWII versus what they were using during the end of it can vary widely. If you're a Flames of War player, you'll want to check out these Late War deals that Battlefront has going on.

From the announcement:

The Armies Of Late-War cards, book and army deals mean that it is a great time to start playing Late-War either for the first time or to dust off an existing army.

The Armies Of Late-War book and card packs will help you keep playing your existing V3 Late-War armies with the new V4 Rulebook. The points are all comparable to existing V3 army books but the stats and lists have all be updated to the V4 rules. The book covers all of the most commonly used formations and models in Late War and is a great starting point and if you found the unit cards from Mid War to be useful then the Armies Of Late War Card Packs contain the unit cards for the models in the Armies Of Late War book.

The four Army Deals are excellent value for starting a new army or adding to an existing army. Each box is packed with models that will form the core of any army, as well as the appropriate Unit Cards, a Start Here Guide and Flames Of War Rulebook.