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Arkon Strategy Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Hill Gaming Company is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new card game, Arkon. The game involves bidding mechanics as all the players are looking to recruit the best cards from the single deck in order to build up their forces. Players take on the role of powerful, mystical characters from long ago. Who will be able to best-build their group and out-bid their opponents to greatness?

About the game:

Arkon is a fast paced, non-linear strategy card game that employs a unique bidding based resource system and multi-use cards!

Here is what makes it unique!

•Unique Resource System: In Arkon, to acquire clans to win the game you need to bid for them with influence. What this creates is a dynamic where players on all turns are looking at what they want to bid for and what they are willing to give up in terms of actions.

• Pacing: After talking with our play testers, one of the most unique elements they highlighted was pacing. Most strategy card games are linear. You gather more resources, develop your engine and that creates momentum towards the victory. Arkon manages to have non-linear gameplay, while still making the win condition skill based through the multi-use cards.

•Portable: With 52 cards and only one central deck, Arkon fits inside of a tuck box and can be played anywhere!

•Replay Value: One of the core focuses while building and testing Arkon was replayability. We play tested the game extensively, with over 200 external blind tests taking place at local gaming stores and meet-ups across California. If you look at reviews on BoardGameGeek from those who have played, we were blown away by the positive feedback!

The game's closing in on 3x funded with still 26 days left to go.