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Arkham Nights 2017 Coming Next Month

Man, I can't wait for October. It's probably my favorite month (even though my favorite holiday, by far, is in November). There's just so many things I love about that month, mostly having to do with Autumn being in full swing. Another reason to love October, if you're in Minnesota, anyway, is that's when Arkham Nights is happening. Fantasy Flight Games is holding a special All-Arkham-All-The-Time event and you can join in.

From the website:

The safety of the light begins to fade and the cold winds hinting of death and winter begin to blow. The shadows reach out their catching tendrils and the things that go bump in the night grow bolder with each passing day. The veil that separates our world from the next is lifted ever so briefly. The creatures of nightmares are coming.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that the celebration of Lovecraftian horror, Arkham Nights 2017, will be held this October 13-14 at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, Minnesota! Purchase tickets here, and read on to learn what you might expect to encounter!

For those daring mortals who seek out the unknown, entranced by the mysterious and the sinister, Arkham Nights is the ultimate destination. This chilling two-day event offers participants the opportunity to play demos, receive exclusive gifts, and meet and play with the designers who bring the beloved Lovecraftian games to life. This year, adventurers seeking horror will be able to purchase the Streets of Arkham expansion for Mansions of Madness Second Edition before its release later next month!