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Argyx Games Running Apocalypse Escape Box Kickstarter

The End Is Nigh!
Repent all you sinners!
At least, the end is nigh if you don't figure out all the clues and put a stop to it. That's what you'll be looking to do in Apocalypse, a new escape box (think an escape room, but at home in a box) from Argyx Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Inspired by live ESCAPE GAMES, "Apocalypse" is a UNIQUE COOPERATIVE BOARD GAME you can play AT HOME. Use observation and deduction to open padlocks, solve riddles, decipher codes, and experience alternate reality gaming. You only have a few hours to lead the investigation!

"The time is at hand" (Revelation, 1:3) You receive a box sent by a serial killer called Abaddon, the Angel of Death from the Bible. Inside the box: several clues, The Book of Revelation, a personal diary, and various objects and documents will set you on the track of the fanatic killer: will you find the fifth victim in time? The investigation plunges you into an atmosphere of fear and mysticism, with a tinge of erotica, a cross-over between “Seven” and “The Da Vinci Code”.

The campaign's making their way to 1/2 funded with still 29 days on the clock.