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Argent Faction for Tech Dusk Announced

I wouldn't mind being a cyborg. I mean, having some robotic limbs or a cybernetic eye or something cool like that. The Argent faction in Tech Dusk is all about enhancing themselves through machinery. The first part of the faction is available now, with the rest coming soon.

About the faction:

Argant is a technocratic state of surviving people. During the war with the mutants, most of the survivors settled in fortress towns.
To people from Argant fortunately they were fortified in the scientific and research center far from the accumulations of mutants. Successful location and access to technology has given these people important advantages.

The world has changed, it has become more cruel, Argant decided to gather all the surviving scientists and engineers in order to with the help of technology to resist the dangers of this new world. Some scientists went voluntarily, others Argant captivated with the help of special detachments and spys in other cities.

Argant needed more resources and they assembled an army of cyborgs and war machines. The war with the neighbors was short and cruel, the army of Argant was invincible.

After the Argant captured neighboring cities and received the necessary new bases and resources stopped expansion. But neighboring cities know that if Argant wants to get something they will be hard to stop them.