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Ares Magazine Kickstarter final days

Ares Magazine is in their final trio of days over on Kickstarter. They're getting ever-closer to their goal. Another big push near the end could easily get them over.


From them to you:

February 2 is the last day for the Kickstarter campaign for Ares Magazine, a full-size magazine that will include 80 pages of fiction and other content that wraps around a pull-out and ready-to-play board game.

“It has been an exciting and stressful month,” says Michael Anderson of One Small Step Games, who is behind the unique magazine project. “We are encouraged by the response we have gotten so far and look forward to getting started with production.”

The magazine has received a large number of story submissions, more than enough to fill several issues. On Facebook and its Kickstarter comment page, OSS Games released examples of the stories it is considering, ranging from horror and fantasy to hard science fiction. They also provided a list of future game ideas, with settings on past and future Earth as well as worlds beyond the solar system.

The Kickstarter offers a variety of pledge levels, many of which are subscription-based, extending substantial savings over cover price. The campaign also provides fiction-only subscriptions plus many Canadian-only pledge levels, in which the price of shipping is less than that required for other international backers.

The Kickstarter campaign also offers various pledge levels featuring add-ons, some of which will only be available for Kickstarter backers. For example, a limited number of pledges of $750 or more will get a pledger’s caricature on a playing piece in War of the Worlds, the game included in the first issue.

More information is available on Ares’ Kickstarter project page and the Ares Magazine website. A Kickstarter trailer is available on YouTube.