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Ares Magazine Game Design Contest #2: Girls Got Game

Ares Magazine is running their second game design contest. This one's for all the ladies out there working on making games.



From the announcement:

One Small Step Games and Ares Magazine launched the second in a series of game design contests today—this one focusing on game designs by women. The grand prize is $100—but if a game is chosen for publication in the magazine, designers receive $1000.

The contest runs for two months, ending on December 15. If more than eight designs are received, a runner up will be selected to receive $25.

Entrants will be limited to women only for this contest. “While the gaming industry is remarkably inclusive, female game designers still face many challenges,” says OSS Games owner, Michael Anderson. “We want to support and bolster the participation and visibility of women in the industry.”

The magazine is hoping to publish a game from the contest in the fourth issue of the magazine. “Our plan is to include and highlight a number of science fiction and fantasy fiction stories written by women in the fiction line up for that issue,” says Executive Editor Carmen Andres. “Wrapping the magazine around a challenging and exciting game designed by a woman would strengthen the package.”

Designers are free to use any format and components they choose, but Anderson notes that the purpose of the contests is to find games to publish in Ares. Extra credit will be given to designs that use the components of games that run in the magazine.

Anderson says more design contests are ready to launch after this one wraps up. “We’re looking at quest oriented games in the spirit of the classic Sinbad movies and then designs running along the lines of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos,” he says.