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Ares Magazine Game Design Contest #1

Ares Magazine is holding the first of their Game Design Contests. Got an idea for a game? Send it in and you could win some money and get it published in the magazine.



From the post:

What’s All This, Then?

One Small Step Games, publisher of Ares Magazine, is hosting its first Game Design Contest! Winner gets $100 USD, so send in your design!

What is the Subject Matter?

For our first Game Design Contest, we want a horror game. The play of the game should actually be as scary as a board game can manage. How you pull that off is up to you. What’s scarier, zombies or an IRS tax audit? Choose your subject matter and execution wisely.
How Long do I Have to Submit a Design?

The contest begins on 23 June 2014. The contest ends on 23 July 2014. Tick, tick, tick…

How Big Can I Make It?

You can design your game in any format and using any components that you wish, but keep in mind that the idea here is to ultimately publish your game in Ares Magazine, so 10 maps, 7,000 counters, 64 custom dice, and 13 card decks is suboptimal.

We will grade any size design, but will give extra credit for designs that use no more than three of the following components:

One 8-page Letter-Size (22cm x 28cm) Rule Book
One 22? x 17? (56cm x 43cm) Map
Two Letter-Size Perforated Card Sheets – Any Size Cards
One Letter-Size Counter Sheet – Any Size/Shape Counters

The game should not require any unusual or specialty dice.

How do I Post a Submission?

First, read all the legal stuff, below.

Second, using whatever software is comfortable for you, compose your design, and output all of the files in Adobe .pdf format. Compress them into a single archive, preferably a .zip file.

Third, complete the form below and upload your compressed file. Note that your file may not exceed 10MB.

Fourth, sit down and enjoy the ball game until the contest is over and we announce a winner.

What are the Terms?

We will evaluate all of the submitted designs and select one as the Best Design. If we receive more than eight designs, we will also select one design as the Runner Up.

One Small Step Games will send the Designer of the Best Design $100.00 USD, and the Designer of the Runner Up, if there is one, $25.00 USD. These awards do not include any wire or service transfer fees or other costs associated with foreign currency conversion, if any.

All Designers who submit designs retain any and all rights to said designs, with the following exceptions.

1. One Small Step Games reserves the right to purchase the right to publish the game in a future issue of Ares Magazine. One Small Step Games must notify the Designer of its intention within 90 days of the end of the contest. The consideration for use of the design in this fashion is $1,000.00 USD. One Small Step Games will pay this amount on publication of the Ares Magazine issue containing the game design. One Small Step Games reserves the right to develop and edit the design at its sole discretion to make the design suitable for publication in Ares Magazine.

2. In the event that One Small Step Games decides to publish the design in Ares Magazine, One Small Step Games retains the Right of First Refusal on any legitimate offers received by the Designer for publication of the Design or any derivative works for a period of three years after the date of first publication in Ares Magazine. In the event that a third party submits an offer for publication of the Design or derivative work in a different venue or format, including but not limited to audio book, motion picture, boxed game, novel, computer game, or smart device app, within the stated time frame, and acceptable to the Designer, the Designer must notify One Small Step Games of said offer, in writing, within sixty (60) days. One Small Step Games has sixty (60) days to notify the Designer of its intention to match the terms of the offer. Written notice share include a copy of said offer including the name and address of the proposed third party purchaser or lessee. One Small Step Game’s failure at any time to exercise its option under this paragraph shall not affect this lease and the continuance of One Small Step Game’s rights and options under this and any other paragraph herein.