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Ares Magazine begins production

Ares Magazine made it to their funding goal on Kickstarter and now they've gone into production. Expect physical copies of the magazine to be available in a couple months.


From the announcement:

Backers pledged $26,185 to the Kickstarter campaign for Ares Magazine, sending the One Small Step Games project $1,185 over the goal in its final hours on Sunday.

“Last night was amazing,” says OSS Games owner Michael Anderson, who is also editor-in-chief. “We learned a lot this month—not the least of which is that there are a lot of people out there who share our enthusiasm for this project. Our backers are our heroes.”

Anderson says the project team has already begun production for the full-size, science fiction magazine combined with a ready-to-play board game.

The magazine has more than enough short fiction stories to fill the first issue, ranging from horror and fantasy to hard science fiction. Design details are being finalized for Bill Banks’ War of the Worlds, the flagship game.

“We send the files to the printer in April,” says Anderson, “and it should ship to subscribers by May 1.”

Anderson says the project team has also begun work on the future issues, selecting stories and games. Submissions for games are being accepted on the magazine’s website.

For those who missed getting in on the Kickstarter, OSS Games is offering pre-orders for subscriptions at reduced rates on its web site.