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Ares Games to Distribute Co-Mix in English

Comics are a pretty hot commodity right now. You can find comic book stuff showing up in quite a lot of places. But have you ever wanted to create your own? Well, in Co-Mix from Horrible Games, you can do just that. The problem was that the original print run of the game only had a very limited set created in English. Well, Ares Games has picked it up for distribution and will be creating a much wider release in English.

In Co-Mix, several comic-book-style tiles are laid out. There's no wording on the pictures, since that's up to you and your teammates to come up with. However, using the same photos, each team (or just single player if you've only got so many people over) must come up with stories in different styles. You could be making up a comedy story, or noir, or action, or something else. After everyone gives their story, each one is voted on and the winner chosen and a new round starts.

You can expect to see Co-Mix on shelves this October.