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Ares Games Taking Pre-Orders For War of the Ring Second Edition Rules, Guide, and Gameboard

Earlier this year, Ares Games did their release for the War of the Ring 2nd Edition Anniversary Release. It came with a lot of really cool stuff, including over 200 pre-painted figures. It also had a pretty hefty price tag. So, what if you wanted the special rulebook, strategy guide, and oversized game board? Well, you can order them now for a limited time.

The game board is actually two boards, each 64x88cm in size. The rules are a deluxe printing that comes out to 56 pages. The strategy guide is 104 pages written by Kristofer Bengtsson. The books are hardcover and come in their own slipcase. There's only a limited time to order therese (order being taken until October 5th). So if you want yours, you'd better get your name on the list.