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Ares Games Posts Warriors of Middle-Earth Preview

There are hundreds of different factions that inhabit Middle Earth. Each one has a long and proud tradition, and each one is certainly capable of going to battle when their way of life is being threatened. Ares Games is bringing more of those factions to your tabletop in Warriors of Middle-earth, their next expansion for the War of the Ring (second edition) board game. Ares has posted up a preview of the first of these factions that will be included in the game, as well as some of the Event cards.

These new factions include the Eagles, the Ents, and the Dead Men of Dunharrow (sure, "ghost" can be a faction... why not?). The expansion will also include new Faction Dice and Faction Cards. The cards will give you new options when deciding what to keep in your hand, while the dice will enhance your choices with the Muster Action. Bringing in a new Faction Die will always make it easier to then play your Faction cards (makes sense).

The expansion will be available this September, but those headed to Gen Con will be able to get a copy there.