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Ares Games Posts Behind The Throne Rulebook

As I've said many times, I love when companies post the rules for their games online. That way, you get a chance to look them over and decide if the game's for you. It makes you a more-informed consumer. It also shows respect to you, as the game company isn't going to try and "trick you" by making you think a game is one thing when it's really another. Well, Ares Games certainly doesn't want to trick you about Behind the Throne. They've posted up the rules for you to download.

Just because you're not actually the one sitting on the throne doesn't mean you're not the one in charge. A weak or inept ruler makes it easy for others to actually be the one pulling the strings. But where there's one conspirator, there's probably many. You'll have to weave your way through the various shadowy organizations, using every trick of the trade (blackmail, intrigue, threats, etc), to make sure that you're the one whose will is done.