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Ares Games Announces the First Expansion for War of the Ring Second Edition

Ares Games expansion Lords of Middle Earth will focus on some of the most powerful characters appearing in “The Lord of the Rings”, and is scheduled to release in September 2012:

From their post:

The first expansion for the new edition of the War of the Ring board game will be available next September. “Lords of Middle Earth” will be focused on characters, featuring more cards, miniatures and action dice, and introducing mechanics related to the use of special action dice connected to the new characters.

Among the characters to be featured in Lords of Middle Earth, players will find Galadriel, Sméagol and The Balrog, which were present in “Battles of the Third Age” - the War of the Ring first edition’s expansion (published in 2006 by Nexus Editrice), but will also include additional new characters which were never fully featured in War of the Ring before, who will be announced soon.

War of the Ring Second Edition was released in December 2011 and the accessories – the War of the Ring Upgrade Kit and the Card Box and Sleeves – in January 2012. All these items are already sold out at the publisher level and will be reprinted in April 2012, at the same time as the international editions of the game (in German, Italian, Polish and Spanish).