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Ares Games Announces Gen Con Plans

Every day we get closer to Gen Con. And every day we get more news about what will be happening at the show. As such, every day we get just a little bit more excited. I hope we don't explode or something. That'd be sad, as being exploded would probably put a damper on going to the show. I wouldn't look like my ID picture anymore, so I don't know if they'd give me my badge. Anyway, exploding reporters aside, we have Ares Games' announcement about what they'll be having at the show.

First off, new games to try and buy. They'll have Jolly Roger, their first ever card game. I think it has something to do with pirates. ;) For Galaxy Defenders fans, they'll have both the Operation Strikeback and Extinction Protocol expansions. They'll also have Co-Mix, their storytelling game. In terms of previews, they will have Odyssey - Wrath of Poseidon and the Wings of Glory bombers.

Ares also has some events planned for both WWI and WWII Wings of Glory, Sails of Glory, and War of the Ring. They will be looking to break the record for "most people playing" both WWI Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory.

Come be part of history at Gen Con 2015.