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Arena Rex Work teases Progress from Benoit Cauchies, Faction Specific Dice , and a Battle Mat

Red Republic Games continues to rise on Kickstarter. They're showing off a lot more stuff for the campaign, including WIP models, dice and battle mats.

From the update:

Red Republic Games has 20 days left for their Arena Rex Kickstarter project, and things are starting to really come together. At over 350% funded, RRG has been able to contract several amazing sculptors (Sebastian Archer, Benoit Cauchies, Valentin Zak, Olivier Nkweti, and MIKH) to work on the different models for this game.

RRG just released another work in progress. While this is still just the start of Noxius, the WIP shows how much motion and energy this model will have and the amazing ability of Benoit Cauchies. The level of quality that each model will portray, from what has been shown so far, is going to be amazing.

Additionally, there are now Ludi specific dice. These can be purchased in quantities of 10 (1 faction) for those looking to support a specific group or in a set of 20 (5 from each Ludi) for collectors, and a 3 X 3 vinyl battle mat, for those quick games and easy portability.