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Arena Rex unlocks Wendigo, previews more stretch goals

Arena Rex had a good weekend, unlocking the Wendigo for their campaign and showing off the next several stretch goals.

From the update:

Wendigo is now available in the Field of Titans!

You guys are unstoppable! Next up Septimus on foot, at $100k, along with a slew of bonuses! For those who missed it short hours ago, the full list is:

Septimus on foot in the Field of Mars
All backers will receive an art card for each miniature they select as a reward.
The new Ludus Ultimus level will receive a free Leo
Ludus Maximus will receive a free faction dice set and 5 additional favor dice (for a total of 15).

And it has finally happened -- our supporters have finally outpaced our artists! We currently have several characters that are still being finalized, and we don’t want to rush concepts out. The next stretch goal after 100K will be determined by the order of the incoming art. Congratulations on kicking our butts with the biggest day since the opening of the campaign!