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Arena Rex Progress Report

Red Republic Games has posted another progress report on how things are coming along with their Arena Rex Kickstarter. There's some delays, but some new art and WIP models to show off, too.


From the update:

Greetings all,

Delayed Shipping:

Shipping will be delayed further than anticipated. The project is running smoothly, if a bit slower than we hoped. Don't worry, the project will be fulfilled. We apologize for the additional delay, we know the wait can be frustrating. We want Arena Rex in your hands as much as you do. At this time we have decided to simply continue updating you on our progress rather than setting another estimated ship date.

Sculpting progress:

Stephane Nguyen Van Gioi's work on Zahra and Sereqet is looking quite cool. He's skillfully capturing the dynamism of Amber's art. Roberto Chaudon's Mago is also true to the concept, check out the scarification details. MIKH has been carefully refining the anatomies of his commissions. These are the last few minis that need to be finished for principal sculpting to be complete. Save for Bjarrhvit, Stephane is still developing that piece and we hope to be able to share it next month.