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Arena Deathmatch: second edition released

Arena Deathmatch: second editionAvatars of War have announced the release of the Arena Deathmatch: second edition rules. From their announcement:
During the three years that the first edition has been available, we have played a lot games, and many players have sent us their opinions and suggestions about the ruleset. The second edition is the result of compiling all the feedback from players and review and refine the first edition rules accordingly, resulting in a  smooth and streamlined set of rules that deliever plenty of action and strategy. Many players asked for a greater customization of the arena fighters: In Arena Deathmatch 2nd. ed  you can customize your fighters and game tactics to new levels, choosing from more than 500 different options (more added every month!) for their weapons, armor, feats, abilities and spells.   The potential combinations and strategies with the new ruleset are almost limitless.   You can download for free the Arena Deathmatch 2nd.ed e-rulebook and a software to create your fighters and print their gaming cards. If you prefer the "physical" rulebook you can get it in the Arena Deathmatch online shop