ArcWorlde comes to Infamy

ArcWorlde is the latest system to crossover with Infamy. Go check out the new miniature added to the Infamy Kickstarter. There’s still 9 days to go on the clock.



From the campaign:

Hey everyone,

A very special update today from myself and Warploque Miniatures creator Alex Huntley!

To celebrate the anniversary of the ArcWorlde Kickstarter launch we’ve put together something pretty funky!

So, should you so desire, you can add two ArcWorlde crossovers, sculpted by Alex Huntley, to your pledge:

Professor Hoome – A Regular choice who will be cast in resin and come with a pack of Arcanite crystals and is a Kickstarter Exclusive.
The Beast of Bakerloo – An X-Large choice. A huge Bull River Troll, also cast in resin, which would usually cost £25 at retail!

Both models will get rules for Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke and Alex will also create rules to use Professor Hoome in ArcWorlde!