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Arcknight Running Patreon Campaign

Patreon's a crowdfunding source that more gaming companies are looking into. For a monthly pledge (basically, you could think of it as a subscription fee), you get access to special material and extras that may or may not be available to the general public down the line. In this instance, it's Arcknight that's got a Patreon campaign up and running.

From the Patreon page:

Arcknight is creating Tabletop RPG artwork for Virtual Tabletop and Print-and-Play Papercraft, as well as converting our massive existing library of art assets to these formats.

We also create Flat Plastic Miniatures, Roleplaying Maps, Spell Effects, and much more!

Each week we'll convert and showcase new pieces, and release at least 1 for free, with $1 subscribers getting access to all of them.

Support Us
In addition to VTT miniatures, we're creating quality RPG Battlemaps and spell effects.

The more support we get, the more time we can dedicate to this endeavor, the faster our releases will be, and the more content we can deliver each month.

Throughout the month, we'll showcase weekly sketches, releases of VTT art, and at the end of each month we'll bundle the month's releases for our patrons to download, in various formats.