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Arcknight Games is giving away gobs of BattleMaps and Miniatures to 3 lucky winners

Arcknight Games is holding a special giveaway with 3 different ways to win. Go have a look.

ArcKnight Maps


From the announcement:

We’ll be giving away HUGE packs of free stuff to 3 lucky winners!

The first winner will be selected from those who attend Gateway 2014 in Los Angels this weekend and sign up for our mailing list.
The second winner will be selected from among our Facebook fans.
And the third winner will be selected from among our Google+ followers.

Each winner will be randomly selected, so you can triple your chances by doing all 3!

Alright, now on to the prizes!

Winners will immediately receive a set of our high quality printed maps from our original kickstarter, including 58 double-sided pages of fantasy roleplaying Battlemaps, PLUS our new 8-page Map Packs for the Cobblestone Streets, The Graystone Castle and The Winding Caverns, for a grand total of over 160 maps! ($160 value)

As soon as it’s ready, you’ll also get a free copy of our upcoming miniatures pack, Flat Plastic Miniatures: The Grove, a 62-piece set of plastic tabletop miniatures that are transparent with front and back art. The Grove covers everything you’d find in a fantasy forest, from Elves and Druids to Hunters and Monsters, even a slew of exotic creatures and ‘twisted spirits’. ($20 value)

AND ??you’ll be automatically part of our new maps kickstarter, Arcknight Maps #2 - focused on the creation of a brand new ‘box’ of 40 new maps! This new pack will include Dwarven Halls, Dark Caverns, a set of new ships, and other surprises! ($80 value)

In total, $260 of product (+ free shipping)