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Architects of War release Old Barn

Architects of War have posted details of their new 28mm Old Barn terrain piece. Old barn From their website:
We are very happy to announce our 28mm Old Barn (North American-but useful for Europe as well) is ready to be sold at Cold Wars and then on our website afterwards. The Original model was a VERY popular Barbs Bunker item, but just casting one in resin wasn't getting the job done. It was based on a barn in NC that was built, or so they say, in 1850 something. One of the best things about the original was its board by board construction, the kind a real farmer, rather than a carpenter would do. It had see through siding and was quite well used. To capture that in our new model, and maintain easy assembly, we had to laser cut an inner frame and then sides to get the same effect. The entire upper portion of the barn is only 10 pieces, plus 2 doors and and some stall walls. The base is in our new bubble free, ready to paint polyester resin. The tab and slot construction is very easy.