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Architects of War has new American Uncivil War 28mm minis game

Architects of War has released their new American Civil War game entitled American Uncivil War (I see what they did there).
Go check it out and see the release specials they've got going on.


From the release:

American Uncivil War is a set of Skirmish Rules for the American Civil War, that was inspired by such movies as "The Horse Soldiers" and Shenandoah. It allows you to play games with a few individual miniatures or hundreds of miniatures in formation, or a mix of both. It encourages the use of scenarios like foraging parties, spies, bushwackers, supply raids, missions behind enemy lines and many others. There are lots of character attributes such as Dead Eye Shot, Rogue, Cowardly, Despicable, Tracker , to mention just a few. There are rules for looting and loot counters, which can be used to run a scenario by themselves. The rule book is a stunning 128 pages of full color accompanied by a card deck, and features everything from the rules to hobby tips, and contains dozens of beautiful photographs of miniatures and terrain. The rules are quick to learn and easy to use, and generate a wealth of possible games to play. There is an accompanying 9 pack miniature range of characters, ruffians, deserters, troops and even a surgeon. These miniatures add flavor to the games, but are not a necessity to play. We encourage you to use the rules with any 28mm Civil War Miniatures you own. We also stock the Perry Miniatures ACW range, as well as a host of beautiful scale plastic and resin period terrain pieces. Follow the link to find out more. You will also be able to watch videos of a flip through of the rulebook with commentary as well as some game play and rules introduction.