Architects of War Grand Opening

Architects of War is celebrating their Grand Opening with several discounts and special offers.

From their announcement:

Architects of War is celebrating its Grand Opening on the web with free shipping within the Continental United States on all orders of $50.00 or more.

Coming this month, Architects of War 28mm Hedgerow Sets and more 28mm scenery.

We’ve just received a batch of new Warlord Games Product including:

  • Bolt Action Defenders of France…$33.00
  • Unleash Hell. Roman Character…$7.00
  • Roman Civilians…$13.00
  • Pike & Shotte Cuirrasiers…$33.00

Stop by to see Warlord Miniatures, Perry Miniatures, and Battleflag.

Architects of War Products are available in Europe Exclusively from Warlord Games. If you’d like to know what we are up to check out our blog.