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Archaon Everchosen Available to Order from Games Workshop

While the rules of Age of Sigmar might be up for debate about their merit, the sculpting capabilities of Games Workshop really aren't up for debate. They've really gone all-out for this one, I have to say. You can now order Archaon Everchosen over in their webshop.


Maybe it's just me, but I think a massive, winged, 3-headed, and 2-tailed monstrosity is pretty damn cool. And I know it's supposed to have the rider on there, but if I were to get one, I'd probably leave him off. Or at least, I'd magnetize him so he could be either off or on as I saw fit. I'm sure my D&D players would face against it, possibly as often as it'd see the wargaming table.

Along with the Archaon, there's a bunch of bundles available to order. But let's face it, we're here for the big monster.