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Arcanis Setting Book For 5th Edition Up On Kickstarter

Games go through new editions all the time (heck, I dubbed last year the "Year of New Editions" since it seemed a new one was coming out almost weekly). Well, when a system gets changed, any sort of supplemental material for it must also be updated. That includes things like settings for game systems. That's just what's happening with Arcanis. It was originally made back in 2001, but with the update to 5th Edition, it's getting an overhaul as well. And that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

A world beset on all sides by this new Age of Menace sounds a clarion call for Heroes to stem back this tide of night. The Arcanis campaign setting is a grim, dark work of epic fantasy, modeled after the ancient world rather than a European medieval setting.

The Arcanis 5E Core Book is a 400+ page book, fully compatible with the latest edition of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG. It will be published with high production values and lavishly illustrated by some of the industry's most talented artists.

Arcanis first debuted in 2001 as a d20 compatible world setting and campaign. Now it’s time to introduce this award-winning setting to a new generation of players, as well as former fans, with a brand new edition.

The Kickstarter has already passed its funding goal (and then some) with still 26 days left to go.