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ArcaneEngine launches Kickstarter campaign for custom-made miniatures

ArcaneEngine just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their own line of 3D printed, customized miniatures made to your specifications.


From the campaign:

Use our open library of digital pieces to organically assemble your perfect character, then get it 3D printed and sent to your door!

Tabletop gamers, how many times have you come up with an amazing character concept only to be disappointed by the fact that it only exists in your head? You scoured the game store for a suitable miniature and you checked dozens of websites. Heck, you even tried repainting a few minis that were sort of close to what you were looking for. But still, something was missing.

Enter ArcanEngine, where we’re developing the technology for you to build and 3D print a miniature that gives you exactly what you want. You start by looking around our library of 3D pieces for the body pose, weapons, armour, accessories – anything, really. You pick your favourites, and use our simple app to organically fit those pieces together exactly the way you want them. Once you’re happy with the digital version of your mini (which you’re able to show off to your friends online) you’ll be able to order it 3D printed and shipped right to your doorstep. A perfect, one-of-a-kind miniature that you have built yourself!