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Arcane Wonders Announces Spoils of War Game

Like any good vikings, you've done your fair share of pillaging. Now, it's time to get your fair share of the loot. The tables are piled high with all manner of gems, jewels, gold, goblets, tankards, and every other type of loot you can imagine. But how do you split it all up? What was once a jovial raiding party has turned a bit darker as everyone wants to get what they feel is rightfully theirs (well... beyond it being rightfully belonging to the people you just stole it from, anyway). That's the set-up for a new board game coming out from Arcane Wonders. It's called Spoils of War (appropriately enough).


In the game, players take in the role of vikings who need to split up the plunder from their latest raids. Players will need to bribe, bluff, bid, and bet in order to get the pieces they really want. Roll your dice and see what sort of things you can offer, while making sure your opponents are a bit in the dark about your true betting power. The winner each round will get to pick a piece of treasure from the table and add it to their pile.

“While designing and developing Spoils of War, the underlying goal was to make a game of high social interaction that we love to play.” says Arcane Wonders President and lead designer of Spoils of War, Bryan Pope. “We’ve been working on this game for a long time, and are confident that Spoils of War captures the fun and excitement our fans crave!”

You can expect to see Spoils of War on store shelves next April, but there'll be a couple chances to try it out beforehand, such as at BGG Con, going on now.