Arcane Legions League returns

Wells Expeditions have announced the return of the Arcane Legions League.

From their website:

The Arcane Legions League is coming back. Once again it is time to play with huge armies bought cheap and killed fast. Everyone who plays gets a free, special-edition Arcane Legions faction die each week. Additional dice will be awarded to the week’s faction winners and overall winners.

Each month will feature three new scenarios. Prize quantities are limited and only available while supplies last. Venues that submit scheduled league events by August 2 should have their prize materials in hand by August 16.

Arcane Legions August: The Gods’ Crystals

The August League will feature three scenarios in which players will be able to utilize the powers of mysterious crystals that have fallen from the sky, providing new levels of strategy and excitement.

1. Race for the Crystal. Use the crystal to issue two special orders per turn, but beware of the punishing sandstorms.
2. Blink of an Eye. Use the crystal to teleport anywhere on the battlefield.
3. Dagger of the Mind. Use the crystal to take control of your opponent’s units.

Look for more details coming soon.