Arcane Legions Hundun Dragonmaster

Wells Expeditions have posted stat cards for use with the Arcane legions Hundun Dragonmaster figure. From their website:
The Hundun Dragonmaster is now available for use in the unit builder. This is an alternate-stat version of the Hundun Spirit that replaces the old Superior Reach ability with the new Master of Monsters. Master of Monsters, which is described here as well as on the master special abilities list found on the rules page allows you to push dragons and sphinxes for movement without downing a figure (a universally fatal operation for these units). With the Hundun Dragonmaster on the field, these units can now move twice in one turn, enabling them to strike from a greater distance. In the case of the fastest ones (the Dragon of Fortune, Tomb Guardian of Osiris, and Tomb Guardian of Anubis), this is 12 steps, which is approximately half the length of a standard battlefield. Below are two sample units built with the new figure. The Master of Dragons is for a Han dragon-using army. The unit is designed to be inexpensive, and would be almost completely useless in combat, but it gets this valuable new supporting special ability onto the field.