Arcane Legions Centurion Club now free

Wells Expeditions have announced that their Arcane Legions Centurion Club is now free.

From their website:

By now you may have heard a rumor that the Centurion Club is being offered free-of-charge to all registered users of Arcane Legions. I’m happy to say that this is true and every original member of the Centurion Club should have received an email by now explaining this change.

One of the core values of Arcane Legions is to put as much game design and control over the play environment into the hands of the players. Your collective brainpower will help us make the best game possible. To that end, it has become obvious that the biggest tool and most unique part of Arcane Legions is the unit builder and not everyone has access to it. So this is the first change; we are going to open up the unit builder to everyone. You should have access to it within the next few days so log into soon to start making your own units.

Keeping with the spirit of “open-source” gaming, it is only right to allow all players access to the bigger, “formerly-exclusive”, figures like the Dragons of the Far East. Beginning in March, you should see those figures start to show up in your local game store.

So what about the people who joined the Centurion Club? For starters, we are fully refunding their membership fees. In addition, as a big “Thank You”, we are offering them a substantial discount on a one-time order from the Arcane Legions online store.

Any time you make an innovative & interactive product like Arcane Legions, you run the risk of having to redirect your efforts and change your offering. In this case, we feel like we are doing the right thing, for the right reasons and we are confident that the awesome people who invested in Centurion Club memberships will understand and appreciate this.

As for everyone else, we are really excited to see what you can do with the unit builder. Together we will take Arcane Legions to new heights.

There is going to be a live chat with the game’s creators this Sunday, January 24th, ant 2:00pm pacific time, where we will discuss this change and more. The chat will take place at, so see you there.

Thank you for your support and keep playing.