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Arcadia Quest Game Play Video posted

Arcadia Quest continues to bust through stretch goals and show off new stuff over on their Kicsktarter page. The big post for the day, though, is the game play video that's just been posted up. Watch how this new PvPvE system works.


From the campaign:

We’re happy to announce the Arcadia Quest gameplay video is up and ready for your viewing pleasure! We’re stoked that the guys at Jogando Offline got to play Arcadia Quest! Jogando Offline is a very popular board gaming reviews, previews, and news YouTube channel in Brazil. When Spaghetti Western Games came to them, the team at Jogando Offline jumped at the chance to play Arcadia Quest! This video will give you details into how the game plays, the unique mechanics it offers, while also showcasing how quest completion, PvPvE, special abilities, and loot work in the game! Also, thanks to the team at Jogando, it’s a lot of fun to watch.