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Arcadia Quest: Inferno Coming to Kickstarter Next Month

CoolMiniOrNot is ramping up for their next Kickstarter campaign. You've got a bit of a breather here after The Others, but Arcadia Quest: Inferno, will be making its way to the popular crowdfunding platform next month. We got a lot of information about the upcoming set during the CMON Expo earlier this year. You can check out the panel report here.

Arcadia Quest Inferno

But in general, you can expect new heroes, new monsters, a new, branching campaign system, new equipment to find, and all other sorts of goodness. Be sure to check out the CoolMiniOrNot Facebook page, as well as their Twitter feed, as well as the Arcadia Quest Facebook page. Of course, we'll be bringing you all the latest here as well, so stay tuned.