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Arcadia Inferno Detailed at CMON Expo

Arcadia Inferno Detailed at CMON Expo

Hey there everyone from here at the CMON Expo 2015! The panel for Arcadia Quest just wrapped up and have we got some news for you. We had a short look into the creation of the game, but what I’m sure most of you are excited to read up on are the new things coming for the game. So let’s dive in and see what had to be said.
Note: artwork and miniatures below are works in progress. So there’s a chance things might change slightly.

The core idea of the game started with wanting a Chibi Adventure game. However, it was to be one with heavy RPG elements and not specifically a dungeon crawl. The designers were tasked with coming up with a game that would be set in the open spaces of a town, as opposed to just a single dungeon environment. This would allow for new and exciting places to be added as the game progressed. And that’s just what they’re doing with the next expansion, Arcadia Inferno.

The new game introduces four new Guilds: Sharks, Tigers, Crows, and Serpents. The themes for the new characters won’t be quite as “vanilla” as the original ones. Now that the sort of standard archetype characters have been created, the designers have taken the time to really branch out and create new and different-playing characters for your quests. So there’s new types like Alchemists and Gladiators you can send into battle. Of course, you can still use your favorite classic Arcadia Quest heroes if you want as well. The games are 100% compatible.

Facing these guilds will be a new, branching campaign system. The story is that the Guilds are taking on the forces of hell, itself, heading down further and further into the fiery abyss. Of course, with this new environment, there will be new game tiles. Just be careful where you step. You might end up with a hot foot. For those familiar with Beyond the Grave, there will be Brimstone cards that mimic aspects of Tombstone cards.

There’s also a new mechanic in the game in the form of Damnation. As your heroes adventure downward, they’ll come across relics and other items that can give great power, but at a cost. They can corrupt your characters over time, or cause monsters to behave in a different manner around them. So a little boost now might end up costing you later on.

With new dangers come new allies. Angels are sprinkled throughout hell that the adventuring parties will sometimes come across. They are special characters the players will either have to help, escort, or rescue. Completing certain tasks might allow you to recruit those Angels into your party later on. The branching nature of the campaign for this expansion is based on how the players interact with the Angels.

Looks like things are beginning to heat up for Arcadia Quest.

Another big announcement at the panel was the new Blue Dragon set. This isn’t part of Inferno specifically, but an extra piece for any Arcadia Quest campaign. The dragon is a new final piece that your guilds can face once you finish a campaign. It will come with its own tile and have its own special rules, including a unique breath weapon.
Note: the photos below show the final studio painted mini. The Dragon will come unpainted.

Announced last night at the CMON State of Affairs, but also touched on during this panel was Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia. This is a new game that’s sort of a cousin of Arcadia Quest, as both take place in the same universe. However, this is a smaller game, as opposed to the “big box” of Arcadia Quest. The developers still being rather tight-lipped about details, but they did say that heroes from Masmorra may be able to be played in Arcadia Quest.

Stay tuned for more information about this new game as things develop.