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Arborell reveals the Windhammer 2012 guidelines

Arborell lets you know how you can win money. Everyone loves money, right?
Plus, is it just me or does the word "guidelines" always read in your head as if it's said by Barbarossa?
Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, the skinny: is pleased to announce the release of the schedule and guidelines for the 2012 Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction. All prospective entrants should note that this year's prize pool has been expanded to include publication of all winning entries as an idevice gamebook application. This offer of commercial publication is provided by Tin Man Games, creators of the exceptional Gamebook Adventures series, and will encompass development and publication of the First Prize and Merit Award winners' entries into a 2012 compilation app for the iphone and ipad. Further information regarding this offer of publication can be found at the Windhammer Prize webpage.

Now in its fifth year this contest is proudly sponsored by and continues as a means to promote the gamebook genre, and to provide exposure within a competitive environment for aspiring gamebook authors. In particular this prize values creative and original works of gamebook fiction. The challenge given to those who wish to participate is to develop a full gamebook experience whilst meeting stringent requirements regarding length and original content. This competition is open to all gamebook writers and requires no entry fee or other costs.

It should be noted that all other prizes including cash prizes, certification and hosting have been maintained for the 2012 competition year.

Concurrent with this important addition to the competition prize pool comes a number of important changes to the eligibility guidelines and all entrants should be aware of these changes prior to entry submission.