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Aradia Miniatures launches Indiegogo campaign for Fantasyland miniatures

Aradia Miniatures is running an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund Fantasyland, their new line of miniatures they're working on.


From the campaign:

With this campaign we want start a new world of fantasy miniatures. Every model concerns themes around creatures of the wood, inspired by the Nature, the Magic and the Middle Age. We will produce our models with high quality resin.

We have many ideas and concepts ready to be realized but to get started, as you know, it is expensive, and we need a bit of help from everyone, so every fund to start this project is precious.

During last months we have been worked with sculptors, 3D sculptors, 3D printer, drawers and other helpers to produce the first models, our website and to plan this campaign. With this campaign we want to launch our miniatures and in the last quarter of 2014 will be introduced the board game!