April releases from Steve Barber Models

Steve Barber Models have released several new 28 and 42mm historical miniatures for April. aztecs.jpg From their announcement:
April sees a whole host of new releases for existing ranges plus a brand new range. All of these will be released on the 24th of April for the Salute Show. Brand New Range 42mm Aztecs And Their Enemies There should hopefully be 17 new figures in the first release, covering the Aztecs and the Tlaxcalans at first, then covering other tribes and the conquistadores. These miniatures have seperate weapons and shields so the conversion possibilities are vast. 28mm Napoleonic Naval
  • French Marine standing firing
  • French Marine loading
  • French Marine officer
42mm Samurai
  • Samurai standing with yari
  • ikko ikki monk attacking with katana
We hope to see lots of you at the Salute show. Some sample photos of the new miniatures are shown on the opening page of our website.