April Anima Tactics releases

Fantasy Flight Games have sent details of their Anima Tactics releases for April 2010.

Erika $10.99 US
Impetuous and spirited, Erika is the youngest member of the Hand of the Empress. She wields one of the legendary weapons of the Shide. Though she is only 13 years old, her destructive power is on par with some of the best fighters in the world.

Black Sun Box Set $24.95 US
The Black Sun Box Set includes Promethea Delacroix, Styx, Type-005, and a pamphlet to cover the unique rules used by some Black Sun figures.

Promethea Delacroix Dark, Black Sun Though the world sees her as a rich and spoiled heir to the Delacroix fortune, who works as a top model for fun, there is far more to Promethea than that. Ruthless and intelligent, she is one of the most highly ranked officers of the Black Sun Corporation. Promethea uses her beauty and control of the most modern necromantic weapons to further her power and influence within the company.

Styx Neutral, Black Sun Styx is Promethea’s personal bodyguard. An undead hound developed by Black Sun labs, Styx is programmed to be unswervingly loyal to its master and is disguised to look like a normal living dog. Styx is a necromantic shadow tasked with destroying anything that could possibly be a menace to its owner.

Type-005 Neutral, Black Sun The Type-005 is the first real success of the Black Sun necromantic weapons program. An elite soldier of inhuman speed, strength, and resistance, a Type-005 is capable of creating animated blades and projectiles from its own bones.