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April 2011 purchasing and gaming poll results

Well it appears that in the rush to move and unpack I have failed to post the monthly poll summary. I'll try to go back to the previous results and get the January and February summaries posted some time this week. You can read a discussion of the December 2010, November 2010 and October 2010 results if you are interested. April 2011 Gaming results The top six positions in our gaming poll continue to be quite consistent and haven't changed since December 2010's results.
  1. Warmachine / Hordes 31.65%
  2. Other - Boardgame 25.27%
  3. Warhammer 40K 17.80%
  4. Other - Tabletop game 13.85%
  5. Malifaux 12.53%
  6. Warhammer Fantasy Battles 11.87%
  7. Infinity 10.77%
  8. Dystopian Wars 8.35%
  9. Flames of War 7.03%
  10. Blood Bowl 6.59%
Warmachine sees a slight jump and 40K sees a slight decline. Other than that, the top six games are fairly consistent in their numbers. Infinity is the other game to gain over their previous results but the lower number of respondents for games not in the top six make commenting on the results problematic. April 2011 Gaming Warmachine and Hordes continues to place in first, followed by boardgames, 40K, the "Other tabletop game" category and Malifaux. Warhammer Fantasy rounds out the top six. Dystopian Wars breaks into the top ten displacing BattleTech. Blood Bowl, Infinity and Flames of War round out the top ten with infinity moving up slightly. The most popular historical rules, other than Flames of War, continues to be the Black Powder system from Warlord Games. Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas appear to have lost ground at the expense as both games have dropped to 16th and 21st respectively. April 2011 Purchasing results Purchasing results can sometimes change from month to month and this month is no exception. Boardgames takes a big drop from out December 2011 results indicating perhaps a pre-Christmas splurge on family games. 40K and Warhammer Fantasy getting higher purchasing numbers but with the exception of Warmachine, the top five results are quite close to one another.
  1. Warmachine / Hordes 30.73%
  2. Warhammer 40K 18.89%
  3. Warhammer Fantasy Battles 14.50%
  4. Other - Tabletop game 14.12%
  5. Infinity 13.55%
  6. Other - Boardgame 12.60%
  7. Malifaux 11.64%
  8. Flames of War 9.92%
  9. Dystopian Wars 9.54%
  10. Force on Force 5.92%
April 2011 Purchasing People are purchasing Warmachine products at a rate 63% higher than 40K and in larger amounts that Warhammer Fantasy and 40K combined. The biggest surprise is the inclusion of Force on Force in the top ten. It would appear that the release of the Osprey Publishing version of the rules from Ambush Alley Games has kickstarted quite a few Force on Force projects. Force on Force is in 19th position on the Gaming poll results and it will be interesting to see if this increase in spending