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April 2011 Infinity releases

Corvus Belli have announced their April 2011 releases for Infinity.

Al Hawwa' Unit (Hacker) Haqqislam 7,75 €
The Al Hawwa’, the ‘Snake Charmers’, are the secret security service of the Qapu Khalqi spaceships. Hidden amongst crew members or passengers, they always attack from surprise. These camouflaged infiltrators are cyberwarfare specialists and the spearhead of both the Qapu Khalqi, the Sultan’s Sectorial army, and the main Haqqislamite forces.

Haramaki Zensenbutai Yu Jing 24,00 €
A new Infinity unit box. With this release you can build most of the different weapon options for the Haramaki and compose an Infinity Fireteam of these aggressive Japanese swordmasters. The Haramaki are samurai warriors with servo-powered armor, intrepid storm troops devoted to the Bushido code who form the spearhead of Yu Jing offensives in the most dangerous war zones.

Bakunin Überfallkommando Nomads 24,00 €
Composed of a Chimera, a human with bizarre combat modifications, and a group of Pupniks, illegal human-animal hybrids genetically designed for fighting and sex, the Überfallkommando riot control unit is the scourge of the clandestine fight circuits. In this box you will find a female Chimera (Winter Vixen version), and also 3 Pupniks (Evil Ram, Mad Fox and Wild Cheetah versions). Do you want a bloody Nomad victory? Then, just unleash the wildest and most bizarre unit that comes from the darkest side of Bakunin!

Noctifers (Spitfire) Combined Army 10,25 €
The alien Shasvastii are experts in hiding and deception - and the Noctifers are one of the most dangerous examples of their species. There is no trooper more fearsome than an invisible Noctifer armed with the powerful and versatile Spitfire. Thanks to its Thermo-Optical Camouflage Special Skill, a Noctifer can be deployed hidden and shoot from surprise, leaving few options for his target to survive, and even fewer to reply to his treacherous attack. Spread panic amongst your adversary’s troops with this alien stealth soldier!