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April 1st Products from Advanced Deployment

Advanced Deployment has some special measuring widgets and tokens for this April Fools Day. You can only get them today, so you'd better hurry. If you're a fan of Grumpycat or Dr. Degrasse-Tyson, you'll want to go have a look-see.

From the announcement:

April Fools day is full of products that don't actually exsist.

Well, here at AD we've got some goodies that DO exsist!

Today April 1 2015 is the only day these will be for sale!

Choose From:

-Grumpy Cat Widget
-Doge Widget
-Bad Ass Widget
-Meme Face Object Markers

"The Widget" is our standard 5x3x2x.5 Widget
The Big Widget is our 1x2x3x4 Widget

Sold individually and available in all of our colors!