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April 11th Launch Date Announced For Ghostbusters II Kickstarter From Cryptozoic

Who you gonna call?
Someplace that delivers breakfast. It's early.
And it's not quite time to call the Ghostbusters yet. That'll have to wait until April 11th. That's when Cryptozoic will be launching their Kickstarter campaign for Ghostbusters II, the board game. They've also posted up a couple extra details and a few art pieces.

There will be new Slime Blower packs that you can switch between during play. The ghosts are new, too, with Plazm enemies that can combine and split back up when it bests suits them. Also, they're immune to proton streams. With new ghosts comes new types of slime that can mess up with sight, movement, and combat. But the Ghostbusters have more than just the new Slime Blower. There's all sorts of other experimental tech that they'll have at their disposal.

If you're going to be at WonderCon this weekend, you can check it out there.