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Applied Vectors launches Kickstarter for Corps 3rd Edition RPG book

Applied Vectors has launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to get funding for a 3rd edition book for Corps the RPG.

From the campaign:

The Kickstarter for the CORPS 3rd edition RPG is finally here! Created to raise money for artwork to include in the book and to give backers the chance to own a physical copy of the rules as well as participate in the playtest , this is an excellent opportunity for both fans of the CORPS 2nd edition RPG and those looking for something new.

Using just a single d10, and a handful of tokens - the CORPS system is incredibly versatile and able to cover a wide range of genres. This third edition expands upon the rules of the previous version and adds a host of extras, including changes to Paranormal powers as well as a brand spanking new damage mechanic.

The new version is well supported with nearly a dozen supplements already planned.