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Apocalyptic Games launches The End Of the World Card Game Kickstarter

Apocalyptic Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for The End Of The World card game, their take on the party-game akin to Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples.


From the campaign:

The End of the World Card Game is how normal people cope when the world goes to Hell...

The concept of the game is similar to some of the party games you may have played before. But the End of the World Card Game adds a new twist... an apocalyptic twist.

Unlike trying to survive a legit apocalypse, this card game is pretty simple. Each round, the round leader reads a survival scenario from a red "Survival" card, and everyone else answers with their best white card which we call "Provision" cards.

This first launch edition is based on the "Zombie Apocalypse." The scenarios we've come up with are designed to match perfectly with our over-the-top Provision cards. We promise that if you're not rolling on the floor laughing after 5 minutes, you're probably much better people than we are.