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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Kickstarter is Live

Third Eye Games keeps you ready for the Apocalypse with the launch of their Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. RPG 2nd edition Kickstarter campaign.



From the campaign:

Third Eye Games is kicking off the second edition of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., its flagship Action/Horror game with a twist of humor. In API2E you’ll join a shadow corporation and defend the world from annihilation between coffee breaks.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. originally launched in 2008 and has since spawned five sourcebooks and a Savage Worlds conversion. Now we’re building upon six years of experience to deliver an even better game to incentivize you to help save the Earth from all manner of demonic threats. And if double the number of playable races (from 10 to 20), streamlined mechanics, and Savage Worlds conversions for every sourcebook weren’t enough, we’ll throw in an improved ental plan and better Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits for all API agents!

As Third Eye Games’ 10th successful Kickstarter, we’re no strangers to this business either. We’ve prevented Kickstarter apocalypses nine times over now, and we’re confident in our ability to deliver. Our initial target is $6,000, with additional funds going toward updating earlier sourcebooks for both Savage Worlds and the Dynamic Gaming System version 2.0.

Join us today. Visit the Kickstarter campaign to sign on the dotted line and join the ranks of API.