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Apocalypse Mega-City One - April 6th at Mongoose Games HQ

Mongoose Publishing is going to hold their first Judge Dredd Miniatures Game tourney at their Swindon HQ.

From the announcement:

On April 6th, Apocalypse Mega-City One comes to our Swindon HQ!

Apocalypse Mega-City One is the first official tournament for the Judge Dredd miniatures game. We invite you all to come down with your favourite Judge Dredd force (which can include mercenaries, giving you a huge range of options!) and play through a series of games to find out who is best!

There will be many prizes available, some sneak peeks at new models and games in progress, and a wide variety of scenarios that will take you from the streets of Mega-City One to the Cursed Earth and beyond!

Tickets are just £10 each, and every entrant will receive a free miniature on the day!